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I don’t spend as much time checking out loads of blogs and Facebook pages as I used to. On reflection, a big part of blogging for me is writing about things of interest, not necessarily being quick off the bat. Interesting stuff tends to become apparent without having to wade through all the dross, I’ve found.

However, there are a few pages I regularly check in on and one is S23 Golf Mike 75 on Facebook. Andy, who runs the page, has been a big supporter of this blog and has collaborated with me on a number of titles.

S23 Golf Mike 75 offers an excellent blend of interesting stuff (RS, SOF, airsoft, interviews, gear reviews, pics, etc) in one place. It means I don’t have to visit multiple pages to stay informed.

Not only that, but it really comes across that Andy is passionate about what he does. He provides mature, balanced views. He speaks sincerely from the heart and does so with great integrity and knowledge. Chatting to Andy on the phone is no different: one of the good guys who I’m proud to call a friend.

Check it out.