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Tac’d Systema PTW with Super Tuned gearbox – check
SGT receiver set – check
Geissele HK SMR – check
Hogue – check
Various other RS parts – check
Paint…needs paint.

I cleaned off the remainder of the 416 paint in a fit of pique. After a short period marvelling at how shiny and nice Froglube makes Cerakote, I now don’t see a very TRH blaster.

It’s not like I haven’t made sacrifices to bring together some decent parts. However, the build is lacking in the additional passion and distinctiveness that, for me, only a DIY paint job can convey.

On the positive side, I now have a completely blank canvas and a better idea of how to tackle the issue of painting over Cerakote.

After chatting to Steve, who’s awesome blasters I blogged last week, and Andy of Tactical Optician (both of whom have painted their SGT receiver sets), I’ll be building up the base layer in successive light coats and generally using paint sparingly throughout the pattern. When I’ve decided what pattern to do.