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Enormously humbling to feature these blasters. Parts have been selected with a passion for the authentic and good taste. The pair also represents the best of both worlds in two ways: long and short; painted and unpainted.

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And just check out that paint job. I said to Steve I’d trust him doing one of mine, his standards are so high 🙂

Indeed, Steve’s technique of dusting layers gradually is one I’ll be borrowing myself when I repaint my SGT 416. The reason being, the paint seems to adhere better to Cerakote than my usual rushed, slap dash technique.

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Here, Steve writes about his awesome blasters:

“About a year ago I caught the L119 bug and I’ve been searching for those hard to find shiny parts ever since.

I originally did the 10″ but just had to scratch the 16″ itch, so to speak. There is still work to do on both rifles but I thought I’d put them out there for the growing crop of enthusiasts to comment on, negative or positive all remarks or advice would be valued.

I’d also like to say a big thanks to all the people that have helped thus far, with their input, skills and and the occasional hard to find part:

– Tony or Tac for all his fettling and expertise
– Jim at LC’s Engineering Outpost for his enthusiasm and attention to detail
– Andy of UCAP fame

Last but not least, Rich for taking the time to add this to The Reptile House Blog.”

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Parts Lists:


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“Systema PTW
All the typical Tac mods, but standard hop
Barrel shortened and re-threaded by Jim at LC’s Engineering outpost
Simon sleeve manufactured by the same
RS KAC rail set
RS Stock and butt pad.
Warlord front sight and rear sling swivel (GBB parts go straight on after a bit of hand finishing)
Cheapo knock off PEQ and ACOG but always looking out for a RS at the right price

Still needs a few tweaks to finish this one but as parts become available I’ll sell a kidney or something to fund it.”


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“Systema PTW
Typical Tack mods, Orga barrel and hop
Barrel shortened and re-threaded again by Jim at LC’s
Perr Mike suppressor
RS KAC rail set
RS Diemaco DIS
SGT lower receiver
RS stock and butt pad
RS Surefire Scout

Again this one still need a few tweaks to finish it; Cerakoting some parts to give it a more uniform appearance and maybe a PEQ box, but the idea with this one was to create a light pointable blaster with a minimum of fuss.

I do have a black stock tube to go on, but need to get the lipo mod done. All in good time.

Thanks for looking.”

And many thanks to Steve for the kind words and talking the time and effort to document these beauties 🙂