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In the US, KAC’s RAS became a legacy item some time ago, with SOCOM choosing in favour of the RIS II. Meanwhile, US Tier 1 elements adopted the HK 416.

The writing was on the wall for KAC’s contribution to the SOPMOD programme, but let’s be fair minded. The RAS is still a great solution and the classic look of the M4A1 and L119A1 blasters is still well within its shelf life.

However, the newest nail in the KAC SOPMOD coffin is the phasing out of their cans in favour of Surefire’s product.

This isn’t a great surprise, of course. Tier 1 outfits like the SAS and Delta were way ahead of the curve in using Surefire cans. Where Tier 1 goes, the next tier of special forces tend to follow.

You can read more about the benefits of Surefire’s can (and flash hider) and how the product is changing the 21st century warfighter’s outlook, here.