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Been mucking about with Snapseed, which I’ve been told is this week’s hipster photo processing app. It has many cool effects, but I’m rather taken with its less is more ‘Black and White’ and ‘Drama’ filters.

There’s another effect called ‘HDR Scape’, which I’ve realised a lot of the HDR guys on IG must use, prior to upload. Check it out and you’ll see what I mean. It can make the most pedestrian pic extremely vibrant and detailed. Very clever stuff.

Anyway, it’s also an excuse to document the final iteration of my 416’s paint job. Eagle eyed readers will notice that I’ve sharpened up some of the diagonals, to make the whole a bit more striking. If those same readers were able to look more closely, they’d also see that the surface texture of the paint job is vastly improved.

This is now v2.1

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First, I rubbed down all the rough/powdery areas of the existing finish with fine wet and dry, to ensure a decent substrate. I then wiped everything down with a damp microfibre cloth.

When I laid the foundations of SGT 416 paint job v2.0 (after thoroughly ridding the blaster of silicone oil), it was a really hot day and it was almost as if the paint was drying too fast out of the rattle cans; either in the air or as it hit the surface. And it wasn’t just the blaster’s surface. It was everything the paint touched – cardboard templates, work bench – it was all covered in a grainy, powdery, unsatisfactory finish.

I’m still not 100% sure why this happened as the paint had warmed up evenly, as had the blaster. However, I am 90% sure why things went bad. Since this episode, I’ve used the same paints at room temperature and everything has gone smoothly; so not a batch problem. These paints are designed to be used at room temperature, so I’ll be avoiding hot days for paint sessions from now on.

The main thing is, I wanted to clean things up and things are now clean.

Looking back, the whole SGT 416 painting process has been a PITA, from Silicone-gate onwards. However, I finally have something I’m happy with and I’ve learned a hell of a lot on the way. If I hadn’t been sufficiently challenged, I may have settled for less from myself.

Parts List

SGT 416*
Kimplacustom Glass Breaker*
PTS AAC hider* and M4-2000 can*
FCC Geissele style trigger*
Modify Eotech protector
Eotech EXPS2
Magpul RVG vert grip
Magpul RSA 45 degree offset front QD port
Colt trigger guard
Hogue with Torx baseplate screws
Colt receiver extension nut
Com spec buffer
Magpul com spec CTR stock


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