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Following last week’s blog, which covered Arthur’s TW5SD6 conversion, Arthur continues with his refinements.

“I’ve managed to front-wire the TW5 like this…

I used a Micro Deans connector to attach a silicone wire, that leads over the cylinder to the handguard.

Those Deans are small enough to pass through the cylinder fixing part, MP-RE-027.
With this, the Grip section can be removed without taking the whole wire off.

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A small groove was cut above the barrel in the receiver, to allow the wire to come
though to the handguard section.

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The original fuse now finds itself in the handguard too.

 photo imagejpg4_zpsc4d1651e.jpg

There is now enough space for an 11.1v lipo, of the kind that’s split into three separate cells.”