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It’s great to see PTW builds influenced by ‘that’ photo.

Here Ajax talks about his motivation in delivering this beautiful blaster:

“I tried to get close as possible to the alleged UBL gun, but with some variations based on personal preference.

There’s even an MX3 light cover on the front to prevent dust from entering the suppressor.”

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“Maybe one day I will find the Remington RAGH rail available, but the Geissele is just as beautiful.”

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“I had to grind down the FCC barrel nut to allow for the Geissele rail to fit. It’s now a very solid fit.”

 photo 10152763_1436505906593040_923030335_n_zps7e3eb80e.jpg

“As for the paint job I will probably be making a second attempt to get closer to AOR1, but the current paint job is fine for now.”

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Parts List
FCC PTW 416 Receiver Set
Geissele HK SMR Rail
SureFire light
S&S Precision LowPro Mount
Magpul CTR Stock
Blue Force Gear VCAS Padded Sling
Tac’d motor


Ajax adds:

“In the future I’d like to get my hands on the Remington RAGH rail to tryout, a real Eotech and magnifier with lexan protective covers, and a real PEQ 15.”

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Thanks to Ajax for words and pics.