photo TRH416Lower_zps1da56fde.jpg

I had an awesome surprise when I opened up my messages this morning. My friend Jez had pinged me to say his SGT 416 lower (the Holy Grail of 416 lowers) was on its way. This was very good news šŸ™‚

I checked a little further down my messages and there was one from Tosh – SGT’s frontman – accompanied by a pic of my 416 lower kit; with the lower freshly Cerakoted and marked to include my personal serial number and optional UID. A great way to start Hump Day.

So, the truth will soon be known. Will SGT’s 416 lower take its rightful place next to their sublime, best in class 416 upper as the platinum standard in receiver sets? My money says yes (and fingers crossed on that); but I hope to gain additional input from the two most credible PTW experts around, since Tackleberry will be building my lower and Stu of Project PTW will be building Jez’s. Jez also has an RS Geissele HK SMR for his build, the lucky sod šŸ˜‰

First impressions on the lower will be published in the blog when I receive it.

Very happy right now and a big thanks to Tosh for not only seeing this through, but for establishing and perpetuating the values which elevate SGT products a good way above all the rest.

It’s felt like a long wait, but perfection takes time.