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“…cheapest build yet, thanks to repro parts 😜”

You don’t need RS coming out of your arse to build an awesome blaster. Check out Tuomo’s Block I for evidence. Just awesome! An economical mix of RS and repro parts.

I’m hoping to feature a few more Block I blasters over the coming weeks, because it’s a classic but often neglected configuration.

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Parts list:

– 07 SCK
– RS KAC Rail
– Systema OEM steel barrel*
– RS stock and carry handle
– G&P TA01 ACOG*
– G&P PEQ-2*
– G&G PEQ-5*
– Surefire M900A


Reference pics:

 photo image_zps0eee6f72.jpg
 photo image_zpsab8b448e.jpg