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I got to test out the VTAC wide padded adjustable two point sling with the Magpul RSA on Sunday last week.

I posted a few pics on Instagram a few days before, showing the position of the RSA I’d settled on:

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My friend and kit aficionado Seraph commented on one of the pics to ask why I chose that particular position. I was pretty confident about my choice, so I outlined my decision. However, actually using kit in anger is the only real test and within five minutes of the first game starting, I’d removed the QD swivel from the RSA and plugged it into the rail’s integral QD socket. In its original position, the sling was all over my support hand and its workspace on the blaster. Annoying.

Two more positions tested with the RSA and I found that it did work better than plugging straight into the rail; and the optimum position was on top of the rail (as Magpul intended) and right the way back, towards the receiver…which is where Seraph had suggested.

It’s not just the 45 degree angle and offset position of the QD which frees up the support hand workspace. The rotation limitation acts to prevent the sling wandering as well. Compared to the integral QD, the RSA also keeps the gun’s Y axis upright, nearer 12 O’clock, when hands are free. The rotation limitation also prevents the sling from twisting and generally misbehaving.

The RSA appears to keep the sling away from the top rail very effectively – and while I don’t run a PEQ I’m confident the RSA would be better at preventing conflicts with top rail items than standard attachment points.

Interestingly, the 416 SMR – as used by Tier 1 teams – comes with an integral 45 degree, rotation limited offset mount. It’s as if it was designed to be user friendly…

Top view shows how lopro things are:

 photo image_zps9a193c7c.jpg

Strong side:

 photo image_zps67542b06.jpg

Workspace freed up from sling by RSA:

 photo image_zpsc5281566.jpg

And with elastic shroud pulled back to expose QD:

 photo image_zpsf9d9d6d3.jpg

As a further refinement, I got hold of a Blue Force Gear 1″ QD sling loop from Tactical Kit. BFG are a bit like my Apple – I’m drawn to their suff as much as I prefer dealing with Tactical Kit (my Apple Store) because they are just so good.

The 1″ loop is a small detail, but it keeps the sling’s webbing central to the loop. Additionally, the body of the swivel is significantly smaller – as is the QD button. This will limit accidental release.

 photo image_zpsf95faeb4.jpg
 photo image_zps7b84813d.jpg

Needless to say, a second RSA is on order for my 416.