You know you’ve bought an excellent piece of kit when this happens…read on.

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I first heard about the S&S Precision LowProMount through Andy of Tactical Optician, who had used one on his 416 for quite some time.

Up until last year, I’d never really been interested in the 416. I wrote about that here. As my interest grew, my knowledge grew – thanks to 416 early adopters like Andy.

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As for the LowProMount, this short sentence on S&S’ about page speaks volumes:

“Extraordinary customers require unique solutions.”

Given that the company is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, I wonder who they mean? 😉

This pic from Mark Owen’s IG today – the blaster on the left features the S&S Precision LowProMount:

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The tipping point for me was reading a conversation between kybuzzsaw and markowenseal on Instagram, extolling the virtues of the mount. After that, I really wanted one.

The fact that it is both beautiful and unique also spoke to me.

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Here is a mount which was designed solely for the 416. Not only that, but it has a highly specific purpose: to mount a Surefire Scout at a 45 degrees offset position, for thumb activation, while also hugging the rail tightly and unobtrusively. Clearly, the engineers who designed the mount had to come up with something different to the usual picatinny interface solution.

They achieved this by engineering a mechanism which locks the mount into the cooling vents at the 16:30 (or 19:30) position of the 416 RAS. The mount is backed by two hooks, facing outwards, at opposite ends. These are pushed outwards by two Allen head screws, securing the mount to the rail and making the unison a rock solid platform.

 photo 1987B4B9-9C8D-4785-906B-960D0277116B_zpshkpnodlq.jpg

The LowProMount will fit other rail systems, but S&S makes no guarantees. They went with perfect and specific as opposed to flawed but flexible and with that they’ve produced a handsome piece of kit.

However, the mount does fit the RIS II – as evidenced by Jack’s blaster:

 photo c80dea0fb01f9ae80529ecda89b7ffe8_zps1a1c3077.jpg

Good to know!

Lastly, thanks so much to Billy for helping me out with the mount – it’s truly appreciated 😀

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