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I’ve been following this build with great anticipation and I’m extremely grateful to have seen progress pics, thus far. Now, the blaster is finished and there are new pics which I feel privileged to publish here.

This is yet another awesome Viking Concepts build. It’s brimming with RS and the owner is Kybuzzsaw. You will no doubt already be following him on Instagram and yes, he is very cool.

Now, I was expecting the Geissele SMR to steal the show. It’s central to this blaster and it breaks the 416 mould in the best possible way. It’s an incredibly well designed rail, not only in form factor but in installation and maintenance removal. Plus, these things are rare – even in the US, where Kybuzzsaw has had to bide his time to source one. No mean feat.

When I saw the pics, however, I realised the true star was Mrs. Buzzsaw (or, “The Boss”) 😀

 photo image_zps1faaeee6.jpg
 photo image_zps95a73582.jpg