I spotted PoKeRf@Ce’s awesome blaster on the Systema PTW forum’s Facebook page. I chatted to the owner, only to find out that this paint job is yet another Soren original – whose own blaster I featured in August.

Of Soren, PoKeRf@Ce says,

“…he has painted a lot of PTW’s for his good friends and teammates here in Denmark and mine is not the best job he’s done – in my opinion.

But I had a special request that he use brown and green paint, so I didn’t give him the free hand he normally gets from folks.

Soren has done many interesting things over the years: paint jobs, Glock modifications, PTW hop-up mods and so on.”

Recently, I heard from another Danish reader, AllanOne, who offered that Soren was perhaps the first person to convert a 416 GBB upper for PTW. Soren…you rock!

The paint job here is incredibly detailed and works really well to break up the blaster’s outline. Much as I like the Troy flips in the pic which heads this blog, I think PoKeRf@Ce’s decision to go BUIS-free really suits this build.

Check out the pics below – particularly the old skool Bushnell Holosight…

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

With thanks to PoKeRf@Ce and Soren.