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 photo 9dd94181410b71b4e76c314cde919b5b_zps1e16bc8b.jpg

I’ve always admired Soren’s paint jobs and his newest is no exception. This refresh was inspired by a couple of recent notable paint jobs from Seraph and Simon from Gray Fox; but delivered in Soren’s signature style.

The pics speak volumes, but I asked Soren for a few words and he was kind enough to provide them. The most notable thing for me is that in previous iterations, Soren has been going for a mid to late noughties impression. He’s now working towards a bang up to date, modern CAG look.

As for the awesome paint job:

“I used a piece of camo net to get the leaf scheme and a wash bag for the net effect. Colors used are Krylon Ultra Flat Sand, Brown and Green.”

I’m really inspired by the way green has been blended in. For those of us who play in temperate woodland, there’s a balance to strike between sandpit tan and something which will actually break up the gun’s outline in a predominantly green and brown environment.


PTW 07 Max
PGC Colt lower*
Vltor stocktube
Colt stock with JM butt pad
Hogue grip
Magpul trigger guard
Working charging handle
Redimag Gen 2
WE 416 upper/VFC HK boltplate*
CQD front sling mount
VTAC sling
LaRue LT110 Eotech riser
Eotech 551
Replica 3x magnifier*
Troy rear BUIS
G&P KAC style front BUIS*
VFC KAC suppressor*
HSP Thorntail/Surefire E2E/KL4/SR07
Larue Index clips
Cut down and stippled Magpul XTM panel
2x modified Colt alu mags/Magpuls


Many thanks, Soren.