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It only takes one great pic to inspire a great build. John’s build was already great, as was his paint job. But after he saw the pic above, he knew a refresh was in order.

It’s authentic, it’s simple and it works. Diagonal stripes really serve to break up the outline of a gun.

First, Nitromors to strip the old paint.

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 photo image_zps6f05d800.jpg
 photo image_zps14ed9c2c.jpg

Base coat of Humbrol Desert Tan.

 photo image_zps1cde1e11.jpg
 photo image_zps42ea75a5.jpg

Broad diagonal stripes of Halfords Camo Brown.

 photo image_zps1cd87fa1.jpg

Humbrol Camo Green.

 photo image_zps828c1c24.jpg

An all over dusting, using the original colour – Humbrol Desert Tan – to tie it all together. Next, weathering.

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 photo image_zpsf79d7c96.jpg
 photo image_zpse10c0a29.jpg
 photo image_zpsb4079563.jpg


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