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My overriding impression of Sweden is one of things being done properly. Properly planned, properly thought through and properly implemented.

So, it’s no surprise that a good proportion of blasters in the blog’s Mil Done Right series have been carefully built by Swedish owners. Not only that, but Swedish teams are amongst the finest impressionistas in the world. They don’t just focus on kit, most make sure their blasters are (a) PTWs and (b) obsessively crafted. Win/win.

I’ve wanted to cover TF Valkyrie for quite some time. As a team they have been inspirational and, in particular, their trade mark 416 conversions were one of the catalysts in my own 416-lust. As some may know, it was Purvins who painstakingly converted GBB uppers to get the team’s look. Back then, conversion was the only method of obtaining a 416 upper for a PTW, well before 416 kits were commercially available.

I first contacted Purvins when the blog was just starting to find its way. As it happened, Valkyrie was mid-transition. I didn’t know what they planned to do next, but I knew it would be awesome. Purvins didn’t forget about the blog. When the dust had settled, he was kind enough to get in touch…

“With Valkyrie’s recent change from DEVGRU to MARSOC, I decided to return to the trusted MK18 and do it slightly better than last time.”

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Whoa! Hang on…TF Valkyrie’s DEVGRU impression was as legendary as it was accomplished. Why change? What was the driver?

“The driver was the DEVGRU train: going mainstream with all the fame after UBL, the films, the books and the general publicity.

When TF Valkyrie started, hardly anyone did DEVGRU and even fewer did it well. Now it’s an easy option for kit, with the availability of gear and newer replicas.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing for the hobby, but we wanted to stand out from the crowd.

I began with MARSOC, so it seemed like a legit choice. And who doesn’t love oldschool woodland with high-speed gear?”


The foundation of Purvins’ blaster is a rock solid SGT Colt receiver set. These really are as good as it gets, and it gets very good. A friend has a set and the finish is sublime, with CNC trades which appear to be rolled on – like the RS.

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Here’s the full parts list…


SGT Colt upper and lower
EOTech 553
Tango Down vert grip
Insight M3X
InvisibleSight AN/PEQ-15
KAC suppressor*
CQD sling mounts, front and rear
DPMS buffer tube
Magpul CTR stock
VTAC padded sling

Interestingly, Purvins looks to have taken the same attitude as I have, as to replica BUIS etc. I don’t see any real need anymore in owning certain items in their RS version, either:

“* Marks replica and I’m not really planning replacing any of the remaining ones. The Eagle Eye 10.3” outer barrel seems like a nice purchase to finish the whole build off though.”

Thanks to Purvins, for the words and awesome pics.