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I’ve talked about Suzutomo Gun Tailoring (SGT) a lot in this blog. I’ve also recommended SGT a lot, privately. SGT appeals to a broad demographic: from those with a desire to replace their OEM receiver sets as they dabble with gucci; to those with well established gucci habits, who want to honk on an even bigger rock of pimp-crack. The common denominator in this demographic is something uncommon. It’s an intense, focused, almost autistic desire to own the best.

It’s also about innovation. After all, who else produces uppers with forge markings? Who was first to see value in lowers which featured ‘rolled on’ trades? Who made Cerakoted blasters on-trend?

SGT’s are still the only receiver sets which are customised to your exact requirements. There are no off the shelf models, so there are no limitations. You can even specify your own serial number.

That’s enough for some, but the allure of SGT is more than skin deep. It’s about perfect motor angle and fit. This is absolutely not to be underestimated, because the motor drives your blaster and underpins the way it functions.

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SGT’s product is fully CNC’d and the uppers and lowers mate perfectly to allow the PTW to actually work. The latter is something which some brands consider optional. Well…it is airsoft, after all. Home of the bodge. No DIY modding needed with SGT receiver sets. They simply drop in because, it has been alleged, of critical input from ex-Systema engineers.

Perhaps the apotheosis of SGT’s efforts is their new 416 upper, which has been a labour of love for SGT’s frontman, Tosh. I talked about SGT’s 416 upper at length last week, as it’s recently been launched. I also mentioned that Tackleberry has signed an exclusive deal to distribute and retail SGT products in the UK and the rest of Europe. You can’t get a much better recommendation than that.

“Hang on Rich,” regular readers might say, “Haven’t you bought an Eagle Eye Airsoft 416, just recently?” I have indeed and I’m very happy with it. In fact, I’ve also talked at length about that decision; much of which was based on price. Because if there is one thing you can depend on, aside from SGT’s quality and authenticity: their 416 upper is staggeringly, eye wateringly expensive.

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Tosh read my blog, where I explained my 416 purchasing decision and saw that I really rated the Eagle Eye 416. He got in touch and basically said,

“If you think the EE is good, you should see SGT’s 416 upper. In fact…I’m going to send you one.

I am so confident in this product, you can write what you like about it.”

Challenge accepted 😀

I wasn’t expecting the review upper to be much of a priority for SGT. But, after speaking to friends who’d bought SGT receivers, I was treated like any other customer: efficiently, courteously, individually and promptly – with fantastic comms at every stage.

After extracting my requirements, which included my choice of serial number, Tosh provided pictures of the finished upper, featured here, in a matter of days.

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It’s just this kind of custom, fleet-of-foot finishing and open, efficient communication which really lends to SGT’s high quality customer experience. You are made to feel valued and that your business is important. In such a competitive marketplace, it’s just another way to differentiate yourself and deliver added value to the customer.

What’s more the upper had become my upper.

The next working day, I received a tracking number for EMS shipping. My upper has already left Japan. Obviously when I receive it, I will blog my first impressions.

Until then, here’s a run down of product spec and options from Tosh:

“All parts (except internal barrel dimension) are crafted to RS specification, will fit every RS parts.

The base kit includes the following parts:

1) Upper Hard-Anodized and coated with Cerakote Firearm Coatings
2) Steel Piston Bushing
3) Steel Barrel Nut
4) Steel 10.4″ Low Profile Barrel (issued since 2007) for PTW
5) Steel Gas Block *this part does not have gas hole between the barrel to gas piston to safeguard against use for real firearm.

VFC Accessory parts included:

1) Gas Piston Rod
2) Quad Rail, Standard Length (handguard)
3) Ejection Port Cover Assembly
4) Charging Handle
5) 416 Style Front Sight
6) Rear Diopter Sight
7) Flash Hider

We will custom make these uppers per client’s request. This means:

1) You may elect to create a 416D, 416N, 416K, MR556A1, MR223 or an M27 style upper. The only difference between these are their markings.

2) Once you select your 416 type (D, N, K, MR556, MR223, M27), you may elect to have a serial number marked on the upper. Some RS uppers have this, some don’t.

It is up to you how you want this set up:

a) 416D/416N has the serial 88-XXXXXX. 88 is product code, X is the serial number. You may select 6 digits. You can also elect to have a data matrix code.

b) MR556A1 has the serial 241-XXXXXX.

c) MR223 has the serial 143-XXXXXX DE.

d) M27 has the serial setup as USMC 172-XXXXXX.

3) You may choose the manufacturing (proofing) year. This is the character you see after the proof mark.

The date code is as follows:

A=0 B=1 C=2 D=3 E=4 F=5 G=6 H=7 I=8 K=9

For example, the first batch of 416D was proofed on 2005 (05), hence AF. The low profile barrel which we have manufactured has been issued since 2007 (07), or AH. I would suggest choosing 2007 or later to fit the actual issue of this type of 416. However, if you like, we will put AF(2005), or AG(2006).

4) Cerakote: you may elect the colour of you choice. I would suggest Graphite Black, or FDE. If you want the IR reflective treatment, I can do this only for western countries (I’m sorry, I cannot do this for any Asian countries).

It will not be Generation II though, since this is an ITAR product. IR reflective treatment will incur an additional cost, and you can choose black or tan.”