photo blackhawkranger_zps41e05948.jpg


I saw this build on the Custom Airsoft Gun and Kit Facebook page. It’s one of the nicest 416 builds I’ve seen, not least because of the awesome paint job/wear and tear. This bitch has been used!

James, who owns this awesome beast, provided the parts list:

“WE milled out 416 upper
MOE stock
Replicq T1
VFC Peq15
KAC buis
M600 on replica offset mount
Magpul ladder covers
KAC style suppressor (yea should be an AAC)”

Slightly differnt config, with fixed BUIS:

 photo BHR2_zps25344cc1.jpg

I’m a big fan of 416 uppers on M4 lowers, it’s a good look. The paint job though – it really completes this build. James says:

It’s a mixture of Krylon and Halfords’ camo paint (I prefer Halfords’) and a light rub down. However, a lot of the wear is natural. We play at least twice a month sometimes 5-6 weeks on the trot (training, milsim, skirmish) so it gets battered about but hey that’s the joy of a PTW!

Check out The Blackhawk Rangers’ Facebook page, for comment and plenty of hard use game pics.