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I’ve been using Refresh #2 (my Noveske build) for some time now. It’s evolved organically and about as far as the constraints of its fundamental form have allowed. Feedback from each game has added to the narrative –  an RVG was trialled and adopted, flash hiders were changed, etc. Now it’s time to zoom out and consider the bigger picture. My evaluation is spent. It’s time to reload.

First and foremost, a change to the Noveske build’s form is required. The barrel will be chopped. The build features an 11″ NSR, so the resulting barrel length will be something along middy lines. The other thing is, it’s covered in silver bits and white logos. That has to change. It spends most of its time reflecting.

I dipped my toe in the gun coating thing a few months ago. This resulted in a black Cerakoted short-arm FCC BAD ASS fire selector lever. This is the counterpart of the long-arm silver lever currently fitted to the Noveske build. I trialled a short arm lever on my SOF-influenced KISS build and found I preferred shorter (but don’t mention this to my diminutive friend John, whose blaster I featured recently, or he may get ideas). Also, the silver set is a bit glam for me. I thought I could carry it off, but my Hair Metal days are too far behind me.

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An RS Vltor receiver end plate will replace the RS Magpul ASAP plate currently fitted. Nothing wrong with the Magpul item – it’s served me well for three years. I just fancied something a little less over-designed in this reload.

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This PTS licensed BCE Battlecomp 1.5 will be recessed slightly within the NSR – but not so much that it would vent into the rail if it were a real gun.

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FCC Tango Down style grip.

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While the grip is being fitted, the motor base plate screws will also be switched out for Torx. The pic courtesy of my friend and teammate Andy, who has already commenced a rolling programme of switching over.

 photo 8e2cb349dcdcba7972dd1a5934cdb471_zpse120d29f.jpg

RS commercial spec (yes, com spec, because this is a civilian build) buffer, to be converted for PTW use. This is actually a cheap and cheerful UTG one, but I swear it’s better quality than the RS LMT buffer fitted to my SOF-inspired KISS build. The finish is certainly a lot nicer.

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The final element of the reload is yet to arrive: an RS Daniel Defense fixed rear BUIS will be added, to complement the front sight and optic mount which are both DD. The front sight will also be moved towards the muzzle.

Aside from the culmination of in-game feedback, there are a number of builds which either influenced my decisions or validated my ideas. What follows is my mood board for this reload, which features the builds I want to give credit to. Special thanks go to Guns & Tactics, bladerunner168 from Arnies and, as usual, Stickman. Sadly, I don’t know who to credit for the remainder of the pics, which are from RS world, as they largely resulted from Google-Fu.

bladerunner168’s build:

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 photo IMG_0011_zps9fcbd9bb.jpg
 photo IMG_0007_zps9b485061.jpg
 photo IMG_0008_zpsddc4b308.jpg

Guns & Tactics:

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Google-Fu RS pics:

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