Refresh #2 arrived back from Tony (Tackleberry) a few months ago. Awesome job, as always. I took a few indoor test pics until I got some proper light, but I still quite like how it looked initially. Extra pics below as it progressed over the months.

Original Ingredients.

Tackleberry Fairy Dust and Unicorn Droppings
RS Vltor MUR 1S upper
Prime Noveske lower
RS Noveske NSR 11″ rail
FCC Race trigger
FCC BAD ASS selector
FCC Troy trigger guard
Madbull Noveske light weight gas block
RS DD fixed front BUIS
RS Troy rear flip-up BUIS
RS American Defense absolute co-witness Micro T mount
RS Aimpoint Micro H1
RS Tackleberry Pmag
RS Magpul ASAP sling plate
RS Magpul CTR stock



Then it looked like this – RVG added.


 photo 2cab6d6b157d091ce25aca1e2f39c144_zpsd252fb8b.jpg
 photo b2913ada7e7afc17247bc89a6e8d981f_zpsdca3fdb6.jpg
 photo 318e1dec825742eb5a2bc04fd1dbf1e3_zpsfdd6be9a.jpg
 photo 62bc3d7418b9615245dc2047e5a3456b_zps1f750438.jpg
 photo e3dc49f0c459b3a66d123b87eef21f12_zpsfcc80b5c.jpg