This is the belt which I wear under my tactical belt. It keeps my trousers up.

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I do not require a Cobra buckle to keep my trousers up, nor do I require an abseiling/rappelling loop. I don’t require a picture of a dead bird on it, or the £90 that would add to the price. I don’t require it to be made in the USA. I don’t require a belt which is also worn by ‘celebrity shooters’, or which is available in Hipster Grey.

I completely understand that others have different trouser enhancing requirements to my own and only Gucci will do (I’m normally one of them). But sometimes less is more.

The belt I use is simple, great value, extremely low profile, strong, easy to use and is not complicated by mechanisms, moving parts or shit I don’t need. Best of all, its sole purpose is to keep my trousers up. Imagine that?

I bought mine from Kit Monster and I’ve been using it for years. It’s so comfortable and does the job so well, I’d sort of forgotten about it.