This one was a real treat for me. I talk to a lot of people in the PTW world who know their stuff, but what follows exceeded my expectations and will be a hard act for any of us to follow.

Hopefully having warmed the audience with my Mil Done Right primer, I asked my friend Andy if he’d mind surrendering pics and maybe a parts list for one of his blasters.

Instead, Andy offered to handle this blog in the way of album liner notes; from the days when LP’s were vinyl and their sleeves were of a size where the liner notes could be read without eye strain. From an era when buying a record established a contract between you and the band, where they promised to grow their hair longer, play faster and wear their jeans even tighter.

Instead of Iggy talking about the reissue of Raw Power, or Dave Mustaine reminiscing about the Metal Up Your Ass demos, Andy talks about one of his Mil Done Right builds: the SOPMOD Block I carbine.

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Well, it all started when I got into Plastic Deth (sic) – Airsoft – in ’07…

I knew my blasters had to replicate those of the units I was passionate about.

Given the era we’re talking about, Andy started to research the SOPMOD Block I carbine, which many consider to be the apotheosis of K.I.S.S. and which is a beautifully balanced, clean looking classic carbine.

As for Andy’s Mil Done Right Doctrine:

Commonality, research – both written and photographic – came into play, balanced by practicality.

I’m lucky enough to have functional PVS14s so the M951 with IR filter from the Block I kit is here and yeah, more often than not sits dormant – but the heart wants what the heart wants… The M68 shrouded in its rubber cover sits on a Wilcox mount, and whilst that’s an accurate depiction it’s sometimes traded out for an ACOG TA31. Sitting behind all this is a MATECH BUIS, which actually does get used.

The suppressor is G&P KAC – an aesthetic touch, for certain impressions. The Crane Stock is RS LMT, which Andy notes as being comfortable and secure.

Up front you have an RS KAC RIS – solid and hard wearing – and dressed correctly in its KAC covers and vert grip.

But here’s the clever bit:

Essentially, by trading out one or two items, this mil build allows me to straddle accurate impressions from both the US Infantry and The US Marines, from as early as 2001 right up to 2010. I’m confident it does this comfortably, without any anachronisms.

Armourer dress markings, like QR codes and POSCA’d armoury numbers, can be easily added and removed. Ear buds, rubber bands, IR sticks and even CASEVAC/TACP cards have all been added after weeks, months even, of wider reading and examining pics.

Does it make the PTW perform better? No !!! But pride in the recognition of an iconic carbine is rewarding. In some small part, it’s respectful to the units replicated.

The only drawback is I haven’t opted for a Prime receiver set. Sure, the Colt markings really would be the icing on the cake, but natural pride to leave it be and in such solid working order… well, it just keeps on going.

Not satisfied with just the one Mil Done Right blaster…

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Surefire M962
BHI Mag Pouch
KAC Rail Covers and Vert Grip
3Rnd burst

And suffice to say, both builds are Tackleberried.

Thanks Andy.