I spotted the following pic in one of the best resources for URG-I enthusiasts, over on ar15.com:

It came with very little background (as is usual with reference pics), but there is speculation that while the 14.5 upper in the pic is USASOC issued, the 11.5 upper is a personal purchase used for work.

With that said, there is supposed to be an 11.5 URG-I in use with USASOC – either now or at some point in the future.

Notwithstanding, I’ve also featured USSOF 10.3 ‘URG-I style’ guns on the blog:

However, none of that is the interesting thing in the context of this new 11.5 and 14.5 pic. The interesting thing is that whoever has kitted out those uppers is cool AF and really knows their cutting edge brands. Of particular note is the amount of RailScales gear.

Parts Lists

The following lists highlight custom parts. For a list of clone correct parts, check out page 1of the ar15.com thread.

11.5 Upper Receiver

14.5 Upper Receiver

Lower Receiver


  • Way of the Gun – Proctor Sling, in tan (discontinued)

Post Publication Edit

I was lucky enough to get a couple more relevant pics after this article was published, thanks to even_more_sof_pics.

I also identified this pic from the same source, which I think features an earlier version of the shorty:

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