Following on from last month’s massive HAO CAG HK416D kit for Tokyo Marui MWS ZET System news, the company releases its highly anticipated MWS HK416C.

Keep your eyes on HAO’s website because shipping will commence next week.

Just to note straight away: because of the shorter buffer tube, the rate of fire (ROF) is faster on this model than a standard MWS.

The kit features a gun-drilled steel outer barrel and the receivers are composed of CNC milled 7075-T6 aluminium, with an anodised finish – just like the real thing.

If you’re new to HAO kits, they are a lot heavier and feel more solid and substantial than a standard MWS (believe it or not). A lot of the weight is down to that gun-drilled steel barrel, but the tolerances are also improved which I think adds to the satisfying feel.

Like their other recent MWS releases, HAO has moved the 416C’s externals away from Marui’s spec, to be 1:1 wherever possible – without compromising on the fit and function of TM’s excellent internals:

While Tokyo Marui’s ZET System is well known for its high quality internals and reliability, some users may be unaware of its unrealistic dimensions. Via HAO, ZET externals are scaled authentic to the RS.

Bismarck – HAO CEO

In practice it means RS barrel nuts, trigger guards, castle nuts etc are a drop in fit – as well as all the usual RS grips which are already native to MWS.

Interestingly, I was sent one pic which had to be redacted with a bit of Photoshop. The reason? Just in case competitors are watching.

I say let them fight. The bigger the bust-up, the better the end result for the customer – including lower prices.

Speaking of which, you can read a comparison review between HAO’s $990USD CAG HK416D kit for Tokyo Marui MWS ZET System and Angry Gun’s offering by the excellent GBB Dude, right here on the blog.

HAO’s HK416C for Tokyo Marui MWS ZET System is available on their website. The price is $1500USD – which is in line with its PTW version.

With that said, I’m actually surprised it’s so expensive given the much lower price of the MWS CAG kit. But, you know – it’ll sell.

There’s also this…more news soon.

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