HAO has sent some enigmatic content for Tokyo Marui MWS ZET System fans to get excited about.

Presumably HAO will handle the CNC mill work for the bolt, which will then be combined with donor TM bolt parts by the user.

Personally I think the pic above shows an economy bolt. However, I hear a premium version is on the cards, too.

Obviously when I say ‘economy’ I mean HAO economy – which is a cut above what most brands produce at their best; HAO’s universally acclaimed Mk16 rail replica, for example.

More news soon, by the looks of the meme fragment below – which HAO also sent in relation to the ZET System:

I think we can all see what they’re planning. All the variants above are made by HAO for Systema PTW, so it’s not a huge leap to infer they’ll be doing exactly the same for ZET – it’s an easy win.

Don’t forget that HAO released an HK416A5 kit for the Marui ZET System in the last few months. More info on the blog.

Is this the most exciting platform out there right now or what? AEG reliability in a GBBR – but with some serious endorsement by one of the highest quality third party manufacturers out there.

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