With the arrival of the excellent Ferro Concepts Mini Dangler (REVIEW), I feel like I’ve made real progress with my Crye AirLite Convertible Chest Rig kit-out. As such, I thought I’d write an article which signposts its components.

1. Crye AirLite Convertible Chest Rig

I can’t say enough good things about this rig. As far as I’m concerned its the best on the market right now.

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2. Crye AVS Detachable Flap M4

While it may not be the easiest triple from which to draw mags – or to reindex, for that matter – this AVS Flap takes some beating in the looks department.

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(But how does it attach to an ostensibly MOLLE chest rig? See heading 7. at the end of this article).

3. Crye SPS 6x6x3 GP

The only pouch that’s been part of this kit-out since day one. It’s nearly always just about the right size and takes up the appropriate three PALS columns.

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4. Ferro Concepts The Mini Dangler

This rig’s crowning glory. Before receiving this component the rig was almost always near completion, but never complete.

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5. Velocity Systems Micro Diddie

To reindex or to dump? That is the question. Get the best of both worlds by running an emergency dumper which only takes up one PALS column.

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6. Esstac KYWI M4 Single Mag Pouch x2

Quite possibly the easiest system from which to draw or reindex mags.

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7. TacBelts UK AVS Flap Adaptor

Along with The Mini Dangler, this component – which was designed in cooperation with my good friend Andy from TacBelts – is one of the foundation pieces of the project.


Remember, this is just one way to set up a chest rig. Since it’s a MOLLE platform the user can do pretty much what the hell they like.

Want to carry a radio? This rig has two internal stretch pockets. Need to carry a hydro? The harness accepts ITW Fastex clips and can integrate a bladder or backpack with a little ingenuity.

In fact, with the right components and a little creativity, it can be honed by pretty much any use case.

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