A very interesting pic became open source on Facebook’s UKSF Impression/Reference Group today, which appears to be part of an MOD marketing programme for UKSF. It’s mean, it’s moody and it’s very cool. Exactly what you’d hope to see from UKSF in fact.

The insignia shown at the top of the image presumably is, from left to right:

While it’s a stylised and not incredibly detailed pic, we can already infer a number of features which are of interest.

However, @airsoft_j2 has gone one step further and produced this really helpful edit:

In terms of an assessment I think the following is of note:

  • The 15.7 upper is suppressed
  • The 6 0’clock rail features a Manta rail cover
  • The front end features a Surefire M300 or M300V Scout Light
  • There appears to be a Punisher logo sprayed on what is likely an Emag (I really hope this doesn’t become a thing in the A2 clone community)

I’ve not seen an M300 on an L119 before. Likewise, the optic…

Now, we had a terrible time ID’ing that, but John D and Dan O cracked it. It appears to be a Leupold HAMR.

Thanks to the following for input: airsoft_j2; snrcomms; theotherguy1999; mori_tac117; jay_taranis; hunterrifleworks; overbury815

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