Give this excellent video by Martin at ePIG-Group a look:

It’s subtitled in English, so no excuses!

When I had a preview of the work that he and Andre from Black Lion Gear had done, in terms of adding details and organisation to Spiritus and Crye products (and in order for them to be compatible), I was blown away.

Martin makes a number of solid points during the video, but one I’d particularly like to highlight is in regards to the standardisation of zip on back panels. Unlike placards, there’s no current consensus on how back panels fit.

Martin expounds the notion that this is counterproductive, not only for the user but for the manufacturer as well. Martin uses the term ‘weaning’ – in that someone who owns a Crye back panel is more likely to buy for the first time from a manufacturer who builds a PC to the Crye standard, than one who doesn’t. He’s spot on.

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