Words and Pics: Dan ATRG

When I was asked by Rich to give HAO’s Super Precision Mount a proper field testing, I was incredibly excited.


Having just ordered a HAO Geissele Mk16 URG-I rail and a couple of other bits for a modernisation of my Tokyo Marui MWS, I was eager to see the quality of their products and to swap out the ageing LaRue SPR clone I’d been using for the last few years.


The mount accurately replicates the Geissele Super Precision AR15/M4 Scope Mount, a mount that’s starting to be used more and more by real world units that use LPVOs on their AR platforms.


Out of the options that Geissele offer, this version is based upon the 30mm ring, 1.54” high 1.16” extended version in DDC, this being a relatively common sight in reference pictures of USSOF.


HAO have gone to significant lengths to ensure that this mount is as close to the genuine Geissele product as possible, from the colour itself to the finer details such as the Geissele “G” laser engraved into the captive bolts.


I’ve seen a fair amount of copies based upon this particular sight from a handful of manufacturers. None have gone to the same lengths I’ve seen with HAO’s version, to produce a virtual 1:1 clone of the Geissele Mount. From its single billet, machined 7075T6 Aluminium construction to the recreation of ring serial numbers and markings, it feels as close to the genuine article as you’re likely to find.


Predominantly I’ve been using this on my M4A1 Block 2 Tokyo Marui Recoil, in conjunction with a Visionking 1.25-5 x 24 Short Dot. However… Since giving it a go on my Gas Blowback MWS, I’m confident to report that it is certainly more than up to the task for any airsoft replica you’re likely to put it on.


Although you’re not going to get the same guarantees that Geissele would give you regarding its ability to hold zero under extreme circumstances, I’d actually be confident to mount this on a sporting firearm and start putting rounds down range (which is something that’s probably going to happen in the near future).


The mount fits in extremely well with my current build’s aesthetics. I’m also impressed with the quality and attention to detail that’s been put into this mount… Enough to consider upgrading the optic I’m using to one a little more in keeping with the high end mount it sits in.


It’s certainly not the cheapest mount I’ve seen for the Airsoft market, but when it’s virtually indistinguishable from the real thing I’d say it’s worth paying that little bit more to get something that most people could look at from a foot away and assume it’s real steel.


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