Following on from yesterday’s blog, Miguel HAO has sent some further pics and provided a narrative for the 2019 Training Weapon Festival in Japan.

Our Japanese retail partner Gunsmith NBABA and friends.

Another retailer was running a PTW workshop. Just look at all those gucci RS tools!

Indoor range – target is connected to a computer which records point of impact, FPS, ROF, etc.

Systema Type 89 PTW receiver production stages, and disassembled cylinder.

One of the breakout sessions. Tokyo police presenting about gun and drug smuggling. Er…next…

We (HAO) were really impressed with the Japanese response to our L119A2 and new civilian receiver sets. It’s one thing to see all the Japanese orders shipping out every day from our HQ in Taiwan, but to engage live with customers and hear their views was amazing! While the Japanese milsim market is sizeable, people often overlook the civilian/competition gun look, which is really big across the globe – but nowhere is it bigger than Japan! We can confidently say that Japan is the single biggest PTW market in the world.

So that’s it for another year!

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