Weighing in at just  0.6oz / 18g, Whiskey Two-Four’s Ultralight Admin Panel puts – as the company says – “…loop where you need it.”

It’s a 6″ wide by 3″ tall loop field, which covers 4 PALS columns by 2 PALS rows.

Substantively, the item is composed of WTF’s laser cut ACRONYM laminate and is – as I’ve come to expect from the company – expertly finished; with excellent materials and stitching throughout.

So, if your platform is missing loop, you can thread WTF’s Ultralight Admin Panel anywhere you have PALS webbing or PALs spec laser cut slots.

To demonstrate, I’ve added a bit of flair to my AVS:

The panel – plus a lifetime’s supply of WTFix Attachment System Straps – were a nice surprise in the post today. Thanks very much to Ryan of WTF for sending them across the pond, gratis.

Read my review of the straps – an excellent alternative to MALICE clips.

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