Trivial fact: I don’t review stuff that doesn’t inspire me to write.

So, having owned the Crye Roll-up Dump Pouch on three separate occasions in the last few years, it’s only now that I’ve found its niche: as a no bells and whistles front plate bag-mounted dumper.

Sure, there are a couple of fully featured alternatives on the market by the likes of Platatac and SORD (Platatac in fact has two offerings, both of which I’ve owned – along with the SORD).

However, the key feature here is that Crye doesn’t include sub-pockets, elastic cartridge keepers, or any other flair. It’s literally a bag.

The Velcro strip at the top of the item attaches to the front or rear plate bags of Crye PCs. I’m using it at the front.

Yes, there’s a flap which covers the mouth of the pouch, but it’s difficult to open with nothing in the pouch; so I tuck it inside.

You can slip mags inside (muscle memory is key here) and they won’t jump out with activity, due to the slight lobster-pot narrowing of the mouth and the elastic at the corners (which stretches-out and helps with secreting mags).

Something else which distinguishes this pouch is the square shape, as opposed to the more triangular, funnelled shape of the alternatives. This means it doesn’t have to be as long to provide the same capacity and as such it’s less pendulous in use. It also means that spent mags organise themselves efficiently once secreted within. A regular shape for an item which is, pretty much, regularly shaped.

As its name suggests, the pouch stows by rolling away. I’ve pinched a pic from Crye’s website as I tend to keep the pouch permanently unfurled:

So there you go. This pouch has gone from being much maligned by me, to proving very good at one thing.

I like it when that happens.