Continuing my series on Eagle Industries’ new retail range, I’ve selected the HTS Double M4 Mag Pouch for consideration – again supplied on loan by Tactical Kit. This isn’t a big ticket item like the ULV PC which I reviewed recently, but it effectively demonstrates the direction Eagle is taking its kit, even in a smaller package.

The HTS pouch is constructed of HANK – Eagle’s version of Hypalon – and Tweave – a four-way stretch softshell fabric.

Refreshingly, it uses no Cordura whatsoever and in fact, that could have been the design brief.

HANK wraps around the structure to provide abrasion resistance, and it is what Eagle’s PALS attachment system is composed of at the rear.

Tweave comprises the main body of the pouch and it keeps two mags compressed together and rattle-free, without the need for elastic or a cinch cord around the mags’ circumference.

There’s a bungee and tab up top, however, to keep the mags inside the pouch. This is required because the compression from the Tweave isn’t enough to keep two mags in situ – let alone one mag. The tab is also composed of HANK.

Key to getting the mags into the Tweave sleeve is a flexible, rubbery O-ring which is stitched into the mouth of the pouch.

The base of the pouch is partially open, which allows water and debris to egress.

Eagle’s PALS tuck straps are interesting. They are particularly easy to weave because they are stiffened by a One-wrap type material, which also removes HANK on HANK friction.

As for ease of use…bungee topped mag pouches aren’t my preference, but it’s no more difficult to load this pouch than most other bungee topped solutions; and easier than many.

The rubber O-ring at the mouth of the pouch is a really good idea, as it stops the opening collapsing in on itself.

Construction quality and materials are as expected from Eagle and I really like the stiffened, low-friction tuck strap ends.