Jay Taranis tipped me off to this clever zip modification for the CPC’s admin pocket.

Made by Russia’s NES Workshop, versions are available for a whole swathe of popular plate carriers. I also picked one up for my AVS.

I bought both from their ebay shop.

It’s really simple. It’s a colour matched, reversed zip which occupies the mouth of the CPC’s admin pocket, using Velcro. It’s nicely stitched and well made.

Initially I thought I’d been sent the wrong size, because the product didn’t cover the mouth of the admin pocket end to end. You can see the gaps indicated below.

However, the CPC’s Velcro in this area is not end to end; it finishes where you see the gaps in the pic above. NES’ product is perfectly sized for the span of the Velcro, but why not make it longer to fully seal the pocket?

I worked out that if the product’s ends extended beyond the CPC’s Velcro, it could be dislodged when aggressively fastening the zip. So NES has thought this through.

This a solid, well made, well designed product which is relatively inexpensive. It takes a little while to travel from Russia to the UK, but despatch was fast.

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