Words: Rich Norman

Pics: HAO

Over the week I’ve been chatting to HAO and learning more about some of their current and new releases, and future projects. Today there is a series of blogs to reflect that, following on from the L119A2 blog earlier in the week:

Technique 2

Technique 3

Technique 4

A big thanks to Bismarck – HAO’s boss man – for being so gracious with his time.

If you follow the blog it’ll come as no great surprise that HAO has gone all “RAL8000”. They’ve spent a lot of time with Cerakote and ano, getting that right for a series of future HK416 releases; releases like the HK416A5 and HK416F, as I reported here.

And that’s not to mention another famous tan 416 type…

But back to the now and aside from within their forthcoming receiver sets, these are available on their website now:

You may recognise the trigger guards above from one of those releases.

Talking colour alone is an interesting story, but underpinning the finished product is the manufacturing process.

While other manufacturers are happy to cast their trigger guards out of pot metal, HAO does this:

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