Check out THE FULL 9’s awesome Raine Tubes ‘Bridger’ primer:

If you’re currently occupying the 21st century, you’ll no doubt be using or will have seen First Spear Tubes in some way, shape or form.

I don’t fancy the stitching much on the prototype Raine items depicted below, but I guess they demonstrate proof of concept (pic credit: THE FULL 9).


• Adds back the MOLLE real-estate lost from using FirstSpear® Tubes™ (Bridges the Gap)

• Smooth quick release function

• Covers and protects FirstSpear® Tubes™ hardware

• Increases service life of Tubes™ hardware

• Increased protection from accidental quick release opening of Tubes™ hardware

• Attachment options compatible with MOLLE, FirstSpear® 6/12™, and 6/9™ platforms.

• Ambidextrous (Can be used on the left or right cummerbund)

• Quick Release Pull Cord Extender for ease of donning and doffing with mounted dual stacked ammo and Radio pouches

• Colors: Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Black, and Multicam


• Made in the USA

• Patent Pending


The Bridger™ with the quick release pull extender, attachment ties, and two cinches weighs 69 grams (2.43oz).

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