If you own a JPC, or one of any number of venerable PC designs, you may already be using QASM Vertical Connectors from Down Range Gear.

If you’re not using them already, why would you need them?

Well, you may want to mount a chest rig on your PC. It’s becoming more and more common: have a couple of ‘placards’ ready built, and if you use something like a Velocity Systems SCARAB Light, you’re golden.

Even Crye put anchor points on its revamp of the JPC – the JPC 2.0 – so that a chest rig could be easily integrated.

And that’s just one use. These connectors can be used for all sorts of kit fiddling. Reptile House contributor John, just rigged up a Mayflower Gen IV with a hydro pouch on the back, using QASMs.

So here’s the product…

Each pair of QASM connectors comes merchandised in a paper envelope.

Down Range Gear uses great quality ITW hard wear, attached to a webbing ribbon.

The webbing ribbon folds over and locks into the business end of the clip. It’s basically a way of hanging a female Fastex clip off PALS webbing, or equivalent.

Now, as I said earlier, something like a JPC 2.0 – and most modern PCs – already have the facilities to do what I’m going to do next, but I didn’t have an older model PC to hand. So, you may need to suspend your disbelief…

I’ve inserted QASMs into the bib’s PALS webbing at the appropriate height to mount a chest rig.

I’ve then locked the webbing ribbon into the opposite end of the QASM.

Next, the chest rig’s male Fastex clips are docked with the QASMs.

It’s that easy.

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