Awesome review of HAO’s M4A1 receiver set (and SOCOM 14.5″ aluminium outer barrel) from Juicy at Overhoppers; one of my favourite PTW-related blogs 🙂


A friend and I made a small order from HAO in late July, from which I got something simple myself – a HAO aluminum 14.5″ SOCOM Profile outer barrel. Not particularly photo worthy beyond the photos HAO has already posted to their social media – but I was pleased to find that fit and finish is exactly as one would expect. HAO used a properly sized steel knock pin, as The Reptile House has mentioned before in a previous post over on his blog. Prior to ordering, I did confirm with HAO that their barrel is spec’ed for a Systema chamber & barrel. As with my previous purchase with HAO, he was extremely responsive and helpful via PM. I didn’t think to check for this before, but to my surprise the HAO 14.5 SOCOM barrel is threaded for 14 x 1 mm CCW flash hiders like a Marui –…

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