The first time I heard about Task Force Exorbitance was when I interviewed Ola from HHK.

The second time was in my recent interview with Joe from HHK.

Those are great references, right?


Task Force Exorbitance is a super team. It’s a collection of five serious realsim teams from Norway – including HHK – who have come together to form a properly task-orientated unit.


What really interests me about this is the logic and selflessness.

Doesn’t everyone want to be an assaulter – going loud and kicking doors? Well, yes – most do – but not everyone is good at it.

Then again, not everyone is good at providing realsim medical care or explosive ordnance disposal. In TF Exorbitance, each team element has a specialism.


In a series of interviews the blog will explore the non-assault specialisms with each individual element of TF Exorbitance:


  • Sky One

If you’d like to know more about HHK, click on the links for Ola and Joe at the top of this piece. Well worth a read and excellent primers for the forthcoming Quadrilogy.


Big thanks to Joe Jensen for the hookups and thanks also to the guys from each of the specialist teams who have agreed to be part of the blog.


More, soon.