A few changes to the 416 as it evolves. Still waiting for a few replacement parts to arrive, to complement the other new additions: Geissele SMR, KAC VFG and KAC front and rear BUIS (all RS, naturally). I’ve had the SMR kicking about for two years and I’m glad I bought it when I did, at a decent price.

The can is gone because relatively light as it was, it affected handling.

I’ve played a game with the 416 in pretty much this format and it’s all working well – although there are still some aesthetic changes which need to happen; most notably ridding the build of the stock – to go with something more classic – and the flat blade trigger. These will be short and medium term changes, respectively.

 photo IMG_3617_zps7jztljcs.jpg
 photo IMG_3619_zpswsy8zcje.jpg
 photo IMG_3618_zpsjgkvqhyn.jpg
 photo IMG_3621_zpslq3qpyep.jpg
 photo IMG_3620_zpsbssiomkc.jpg