In an era of reliable optics, we’re as likely to see blasters in the wild without BUIS as with them.

I did the no BUIS look a few years back before I took a break from airsoft. Part of the reason for that was because, try as I might, I couldn’t get the front BUIS I wanted: the KAC 99051, in black. It’s only recently that I’ve been able to pick one up from a mate in the UK, second hand – but in new condition.

The 99051 is a classic, mainly because it’s use amongst USSOF is endemic. It’s as much part of the Block II canon as it is part of CAG and DEVGRU’s iconography. It’s quite normal to see the ‘taupe’ version of the sight – KAC’s version of FDE – in pics. The black sight, however, is a rarer beast in the wild.

 photo 13214597_10209541798200442_245759735_o_zpsnldsgakj.jpg

My 99051 is a newer version, with finely printed part and NSN numbers. The older ones have heavier script I’ve been reliably informed, by my friend and collector of all things gucci, Nismo.

 photo a988fd67a9bfab36a12d01e1836eefc7_zps366dc10e.jpg

The rest of the blog is a pic dump, because who doesn’t like pics of blasters in the wild with black 99051 KAC BUIS? 🙂