Spotted the Lanco GripStop Mod 2 in a few of the more recent in the wild pics, which came as a bit of a surprise.

Magpul’s mighty AFG has always been the angled fore grip of choice amongst USSOF. However, I guess as new and credible accessories hit the market, weapon handling optimisation continues. The AFG doesn’t suit everyone.


Here’s the GripStop’s backstory:

Designed by a former USMC combat veteran to fill the void between using a vertical grip and and hand stop. The GripStop™ Mod 2 allows a variable angle grip to prevent locking the wrist. Use as an assist to the modern “C grip” technique or as a barrier stop.

-Lanco Tactical

B5 Systems appears to have taken over production of the GripStop Mod 2. Given the penetration of B5’s Enhanced SOPMOD stock, the GripStop could be a real contender.