I’ve often thought of High Speed Gear Inc’s nylon as being overbuilt. Liberal use of 1000D which extended well into the current era of 500D, Hypalon and other low drag materials.

Light is right, it has been said. And I agree.

Well, HSGI is onto this and has been producing lighter iterations of its kit for a good while. One of the very first HSGI products at the lighter end of the spectrum was the Mag-Net dump pouch. In fact, I think the Mag-Net was the very first widely available dump pouch on the market which was almost wholly composed of nylon mesh.

Nylon mesh means light weight. It also means debris and moisture don’t accumulate inside the pouch.

And the pouch is really, really really light; even though it still incorporates some 1000D. In fairness though, 1000D in this application is just about spot on.

I got my HSGI Mag-Net from Tactical Kit. HSGI is one of the many premium brands they look after. Delivery was next day, as usual.

The Mag-Net arrived in stowed mode, on a card header.


There are a lot of folding dump pouches on the market but this one stashes away pretty easily. You don’t have to fold it in a special way, like some, and deploying it from the stowed position is easy: you just pull the webbing tab to rip the velcro retention apart.

It’s a one-handed operation. And, because of the 1000D which adds some stiffness to the structure, it’s easy to do.


Once unfurled, the Mag-Net accepts the seemingly common dump pouch standard of eight M4 mags, if you stack them carefully. I never use a dump pouch for more than four mags and I’m not careful with how they go in – but this dumper easily handled everything I threw at it.

Rather than going the lobster-pot route of most dump pouches, the Mag-Net is more ‘letterbox’ up top – which is what I prefer.

Mags are easy to stuff into the pouch, but won’t jump out as you skip about.


Lined with vinyl tubing, the lips of the dumper’s mouth are kept just rigid enough for ease of mag insertion. However, unlike the original version, that’s the only place where vinyl tubing is used. Because of this, it’s a whole lot easier to insert mags.

There are a few other evolutionary tweaks, like 10oz mesh instead of 12oz and the HSGI brand label has been removed from the outside.


The rear of the dumper features two PALS columns and, again, this is composed of lighter webbing than the version I remember owning a few years back (ordered direct from HSGI, on the first day of product release, as I recall).

The Mag-Net comes bundled with HSGI’s version of MALICE clips. HSGI’s clips are fantastic. They are slimmed down in weight and much more flexible and easy to thread.

I’m really liking this dump pouch and I’m pleased to see it has changed over the years in a good way. Because of HSGI’s reputation I’ve no doubts about longevity and, of course, it’s plainly evident that construction is of the highest quality and the materials used are correspondingly top notch.