There’s little doubt that issued BUIS from MATECH, KAC and ARMS are seen on the majority of SOF blasters. But what about aftermarket ones?

The most popular seem to be Magpul MBUS and Troy Battle Sights.

It’s an interesting one, because these BUIS represent the economy and high end of the market (MBUS and Troy, respectively).

However, even more interesting is that in a drop test, MBUS came top for robustness.

MBUS rear:


Troy front, MBUS rear:


Blaster evaluation time. MBUS rear:

 photo 8b31743a724800ae5c1b9ee1964d804e_zps622d31bc.jpg

Lots of rear MBUS:


MBUS rear:

 photo F3E5C510-557E-49DB-AE63-CEC38C4ADB67_zpslrtxbvnl.png

MBUS rear:


Troy front and rear:

 photo 4a1822930ed4f46614e41490e648a0f9_zps7acba0c4.jpg

Troy rear:

 photo 2e4c076dea6df0c6747a8f6390315240_zps557ddafd.jpg

Troy rear:

 photo a7005341e19f21f3af46c963f065c3bd_zps4ad9040b.jpg

Troy front:

 photo 79bbbecc5e813f40f465925fbdd1e4ce_zps325cf012.jpg