Now this is a clever idea, which has been facilitated by Ben of HR4K; bringing together a number of tactically-orientated UK companies, including C2R and Tactical Coatings UK.

Take a look at the pics – from HR4K’s Facebook page/IG – and you’ll see what I mean: purpose-built plate carriers, accessorized with weighted dummy plates and dummy mags!


The combo is being built for BeaverFit USA, which describes itself thus:

BeaverFit USA is an institution of strength and conditioning equipment. Founded by former US Navy Riverines and British bridge builders, we have a unique appreciation for the community we build to serve, and the professional expertise to design and deliver world class training equipment.

Our mission: to enable our partners and our customers to win. No matter your challenge or obstacle, we will provide an innovative solution to enable you to achieve your goals.

With our headquarters nestled 6,300′ high in the Sierra Nevada mountains, tucked between the towering pine trees and the pristine waters of Lake Tahoe, we embody a culture of competitiveness and an appreciation for the outdoors. Whether back-country skiing in the winter or paddle-boarding in the summer, our dedicated team is focused on finding the perfect balance between fun, fitness, work and life.

About its products:

We design, manufacture and distribute functional training equipment specific for strength and endurance development in all athletes, supplying equipment to the Military, First Responders, CrossFit boxes, universities and schools, athletic clubs, physical therapy clinics and more.

Because we design and build all BeaverFit equipment ourselves and have a reputation for innovation, we are often asked to create custom training equipment to meet very specific needs. We may have to design around an odd shaped building or difficult access that does not cater to conventional gym equipment, or you may have an idea that takes gym equipment to another level.

If you need expert advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced staff will help bring your ideas to life.