2014 was a good year.

The Reptile House

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Is brighter better…or just another way to compensate for trouser-related deficit?

Around the time I bought my X300 Ultra I spoke to Alex from Ko-Tac to get some advice about ultra high-lumen tactical lights. Yeah, I watched some videos of people comparing various lights on YouTube, but I wanted independent advice from someone I trust.

If you haven’t already liked Ko-Tac on Facebook they are well worth checking out. They produce products which are in demonstrable, real world use; just check out their pics.

Alex has a highly professional attitude to his learning and development and has trained with some of the best instructors out there, as well as picking up tricks from LEOs and former mil personnel.

While Alex doesn’t consider himself an authority, I don’t know anyone else who has learned from such sagely mentors…

I was at a recent training event using UTMs in which I was…

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