Chatting to a very early supporter of the blog reminded me to share this highly influential build. An absolute classic.

The Reptile House

There are very few experts I trust for advice about SOF matters. There are even fewer I trust for advice on UKSF. Top of my UKSF list is UCAP Andy. He knows things. He’s also a very direct, salt of the earth chap who’s done a lot for UK airsoft. I’ve known him since the mid-noughties, prior to UCAP, which he owns. He drove all the way from Portsmouth in a Land Rover (he’s that mil) to collect a Classic Army M15 CQB he bought from me, back in the day. Amongst other businesses, he also runs tactical gear company Alpha2Zulu.

He’s been a CQBR man for some time and his current blaster is the apotheosis of UKSF Done Right.

 photo IMG_4573_zps478c87be.jpg

Over to Andy…

“Being a collector of all things UKSF and a keen milsim airsofter, I wanted to build the closest airsoft gun possible to the British…

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