Now, this is more appropriate to my purposes than its smaller sibling in Crye’s Smart Pouch Suite. I’m still not overly impressed with Crye’s ‘just enough’ quality, but this does what I need it to.

The 152 / Bottle Pouch is said to accommodate either:

  • PRC 152 radio
  • MBITR radio
  • 32 oz. water bottle
  • SureFire® 60-round magazine
  • IZLID Ultra
  • One or two 30-round 5.56 magazines
  • Two 25-round 7.62×51 SR-25 magazines
  • One 20-round 7.62×51 magazine (polymer HK)

I wanted a pouch that could switch between holding two Pmags with Ranger Plates or a 500ml water bottle. This absolutely satisfies that aim.

The pouch’s format is like that of Crye’s dedicated mag pouches.


The flap is super long. Long enough to subsume Ranger Plates or Magpuls. Alternatively the flap can be tucked into the pouch for open access.

There’s also an elastic shock cord around the middle. The mouth of the pouch is high and wide.

On the back we’ve got MOLLE compatibility in the form of Hypalon straps, but also a hidden belt sleeve.


Note the paracord loop up top.

For MBITR use, there’s a separate binding. With the pouch’s flap tucked in, the bungee connects from front velcro to the rear paracord loop.

Crucially for me, this pouch handles either mags or a water bottle in exactly the way I had in mind. In both uses the pouch feels really secure as you can see from the following pics – with that long flap and high pouch sides, keeping everything covered and secure.

Mags well covered, but easy to withdraw down to the Ranger Plates.

From the side:


The fit around the mags is a bit baggy, but lateral retention can of course be adjusted.

From the front:


Here’s the 500ml bottle fit:


I’m really pleased with this pouch.

As I said to begin with, I’m still not over impressed with Crye’s ‘just enough’ quality but it’s very rare to have everything.

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