L119A2 expert and UKSF aficionado JB tipped me off about Colt Canada’s Documents and Media library, on their website, which I’d completely missed.

On it, there’s a very cool pic of the LE C8IUR Patrol, which I’d guess is the law enforcement version of what the UK MOD designates as the L119A2; UKSF’s L119A1 replacement.

From the exploded diagram, it’s interesting to see how traditionally the barrel is attached. Surprisingly, it’s not as progressive as LMT’s Monolithic upper system.

It actually looks very similar to something KAC might come up with, particularly since the barrel nut (item 5. in the diegram) is of a similar shape to one of their existing products.

It’s also interesting that more and more L119A2 in the wild pics have been turning up since the initial set.

You may have seen this one recently, which features King Abdullah II of Jordan:


King Abdullah is an interesting guy. His mother is British and he was Educated in the UK and USA. He attended Sandhurst and served in the UK military.

In other words, UKSF don’t turn out like this for just any head of state.

The curious thing about this pic for me is how entrenched the A2 looks, suggesting that it’s been in service for quite some time.

Lastly, the key for the LE C8IUR Patrol exploded diagram is below: