I don’t really see that many thought-through, fully-honed non-mil builds any more.

I don’t know if PTW and NGRS culture has changed, my taste has changed, or I’m looking in all the wrong places.

The pic above popped into my Facebook feed a few weeks ago, however. It’s easy to overlook stuff that’s close to home when your outlook is focussed elsewhere, and this blaster is a great example.

It’s hardly changed since its V1.0 foundation (below) and that’s a really good thing because it shows that it represents a form factor which works for the user – both aesthetically and ergonomically.


I say close to home; that’s because this particular blaster belongs to a good friend of mine who I’ve played airsoft with for many years – even keeping in touch during my hiatus.

So what’s special about this blaster?


Well, for a start that’s a Wilson Combat tube rail and I am pretty sure it’s the only one I have ever seen on an airsoft gun.

It looks contemporary, doesn’t it? In actual fact, it’s aged very well indeed because it’s now a good few years old. The quality is absolutely second to none, with a lustrous deep-black coating.

The major thing for me, though, is that this build is more than just the sum of its parts and it shows that you don’t need a Prime receiver set or a cookie cutter AAC or SF can to put the cherry on top.

It does, however, feature what i consider to be a store cupboard essential. The venerable RS Hogue conversion:


Optic is Vortex, BUIS are MBUS Pro:


This is a build to play airsoft with and there isn’t one thing I’d change.

It’s also proof that you don’t need the newest uber leet 7075T6 Cerakoted trigger guard to enjoy using a PTW.

Massive thanks to Mark (Bigtent), whose build this is, for the pics and for allowing his build to be blogged.